Thursday, December 04, 2008

Holiday Gala

I went to the gallery yesterday and it looked gorgeous. The most full and exciting I have seen it look in awhile. Seeing new work by Margaret Tolbert and Norman Jensen was inspiring and Gary Borse's large painting Rhapsody in Blue is a must see. Having the new fine crafts and new jewelry interspersed was very inviting and made me want to shop and shop. Like finding treasures. All are invited to come enjoy Melrose and the galleries this Saturday starting at 10 am and a special reception with music from 6 to 8 pm.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Paintings

I haven't been posting lately, but I have been painting. I don't think I have hit on the combination of all of the elements that I am striving for in a painting. The task may be impossible but that's what keeps an artist's life interesting. I went on a quest to find more definite shapes and forms in my paintings. But now I miss some of the organic things that happen by chance due to the nature of wet paint. I was reminded that if I want paintings to build and evolve from beginning to end that the initial strokes or splashes of paint are very important. With a good beginning, contrast, color unity, shapes and composition can all be put on a path to success. I may not have my subject matter exactly in the right direction either. I started sketching trees for inspiration for abstract shape but now I have begun to make the trees into isolated icons. I do value the element of imagination in paintings and maybe more of a sense of space will give the mind a place to wander. I am interested in tackling the figure again also.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I seem to be moving towards complexity through many shapes, abstraction and a sense of movement. I am wondering how imagination can become a factor again. Maybe have a series that is not in paint but drawing and collage and that would be more narrative.

Am I being influenced by my studio mate? He is not quite three but very inspiring.

This is William's castle with a flag on top. I love it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I thought it might be interesting for other artists to see which paintings sold this past weekend. I put a red square around the paintings that sold. Although you can never put much stock into what you think is going to sell. You have to just follow your muse and do the best work that you can.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Painting

Life is crazy with all of the boys' activities and teaching a college class for the first time. The class is intensive and only half a semester. The class is so packed that I am behind now since I took a breather to paint. Oh well, it will mean less than adequate sleep but painting is good for my sanity. Looking forward to October 4 and 5 and the Thornebrook Art Festival. My work is being featured on the advertisements this year, great exposure.
I am happy with the direction of this painting. I want to work with the center and the purple bird more and some of the rectangles on the bottom. Some of the yellow areas has metallic gold paint, it is reminiscent of Klimt. Enjoy your weekend, the weather is gorgeous here today.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer's Almost Over

I don't know if the following link will work but it is a link to our photos from our trip out West this Summer. Link Photos

My boys had a fun filled Summer and I showed my art a lot. I showed in June with the glass artists, Sarah Hinds and Sky Campbell, and subsequently got a show with them at the Thomas Center Gallery. The show entitled Reflections Beyond Time and Space will be in the Fall of 2009. My painting,Festival Tree, was excepted into the juried exhibition at the Thomas Center in July. I was pleased because I have been rejected for the last four years after having three pieces accepted in 2003. The reception was a lot of fun with all of the women artists from Melrose Bay Gallery getting in. I'm glad to confirm that I keep good company.
I did the Art Walk downtown at the end of July. I feel like the general public like my narrative/symbolic image paintings and that artists and art critics like the more abstract paintings based on nature. I like it when I start with the abstract and it turns into something unexpected like "Leaving It Behind". I haven't done any good paintings of late. I think because I am not starting enough at one time. Hopefully I will get back on schedule soon. But since I am preparing to teach my first college class I don't know how soon. The text for the class is fabulous, Launching the Imagination. It almost covers everything you need to know about making any kind of art. It has me asking myself if I have enough reasons why I am creating what I do. Do I need more reasons for choosing acrylic paint and pine trees for abstract inspiration?

I also fell in love with the work of two new-to-me artists this Summer. Chris Natrop, and Peter Doig. I love the paintings Doig was doing around 1990-91. So what do you think? Do I need to make my art and medium choice have more of a purpose?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gallery Tour

Check out my Fruit Roll-Up "glass" vessel on the food table.
I hope if you are in the Melrose area that you can visit the gallery during the month of June. It will be open regular hours.
Melrose Bay Art Gallery
103 SR-26, PO Box 36 - Melrose, FL 32666
ph. (352) 475-3866 or 871-5633 (cell)
hours: Fri 3-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 1-5pm (call on weekdays)

The gallery looks so pretty right now. I was blown away by how some of Sarah and Sky's color combinations matched the colors of the paintings.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pine Tree Rhythm II

Thinned acrylics and oil patels. I love the soft look of this mixed media.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Showing with Glass

We decided to bring in the glass work of Sarah Hinds and Sky Campbell to show with my paintings for the June show. It is fascinating the similarities between these two pieces.I think because I start with the canvas very wet and fluid is the reason for the similarities to the glass work. I feel their work is in a class above mine but I think it is going to be a beautiful show. I am honored to be in this show.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Abstract Work

I can't believe I didn't add to my blog the entire month of April. But miraculously, I was able to get some new work done. The key was starting them all at the same time. Whenever I do that, I seem to get more done and they turn out well. I started all of these from some quick sketches I did in March while floating along the river. I was fascinated by the trees growing right on the water's edge. At home I worked on the sketches by giving them more distinct shapes and lines. I got more and more comfortable laying down strokes. I want to continue the work I started here of layering the background shapes and foreground shapes in a back and forth manner.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Paint Out

Bunny Hide and Seek

This was my piece for last week's Paint Out in Melrose, Florida. Any media is allowed in this paint out.

The week was exhausting especially since my husband was out of town and I was taking care of my children and working on my piece during the night. But the reception was exciting and fun. Now I am sorry it is all over. My mixed media got first prize in the garden category and was also purchased. So it was well worth the effort. I transfered color copies of pictures I took on to canvas and then worked on it with acrylics, paper and a little oil pastels. Then I sealed it with a UV protecting varnish. I choose this mixed media route because I thought it would be easier with my limited time. I couldn't work on site much because it is 4o minutes away and I also helped sit the gallery a few hours. But the process turned out to be laborious, especially to get the isolated pictures to come together as a whole.

Now what to do next?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Lessons

I have become hooked on the television show American Idol. It is the seventh season and this is the first I have watched it since the first season. I get a little obsessive about reality shows sometimes and limit myself. Anyway, I see a lot of comparisons to the mistakes that they are making and to the mistakes that I make as an emerging artists. Although I am over twenty years older than some of the singers, I still feel like I am a late blooming and emerging artists with great potential.
So some of the lessons. One of the contestant that got voted off, Katy Malloy, seemed to have so much talent but couldn't let herself go and sing with passion. Maybe she didn't know who she was yet and therefore could not express. Holds true for visual arts too, don't you think? Also the judge, Randy, told Amanda Overmyer, "to stick to her bag, Man'' not try a lot of different styles. I was recently told on different occasions that "my bag" was abstract expressionism. I never really connected with the art of the abstract expressionists but I looked them up again and was surprised how I related to their experience. The reference said that their work looked very haphazard but that actually much thought was put into it. That is how I felt about my painting "'Freedom Horse" which was successful. The judges on the show also tell the singers to be true to themselves but not boring. I think that is like visual art also, you can't just repeat yourself and do what you have done before. You have to work from passion and love. That is love for your subject, media or craft. On the show, David Cook, is doing well, but I feel he may get into trouble if he starts just trying to perform to excite the audience and doesn't work from a love of the music. Chikezie is also another singer on the show and last night he sounded like he was trying to present about three different music genres into one song. If you have the ability to sing country, rock and blues, you don't usually stick it all together in one song or album. In the visual world that would be bad design. I guess we all know that to have a solo exhibition, we need a consistent body of work. Right? Well I will keep watching a try to stick to "my bag". But I am distracted this week by my coops. Paint Out with time limitations and a pressure to perform.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Custom Frame

A buyer wanted this painting but the painting was not quite big enough and the small presentation frame was not visually heavy enough to place above her dark wood mantel. My husband custom made this wider canvas floater frame out of wood. I painted it to reflect some of the patterns in the painting. I think it turned out great. The painting looks so much more substantial now. I would now like to frame more paintings in the future but I can see it being a big expense and time waster, especially if buyers don't want the frame.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Tioga Art Festival

Click for a great slide show of the first annual Tioga art festival that was this past weekend. It was a great success with lots of interested attendees and wonderful local artists. The food, music and weather were also a pleasure. Way to go GFAA! Thanks Dan Dobson for the photos.

GFAA at Tioga

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Primordial Tree

This is a large piece, 36 x 24. I was still working with the thick surface texture in this painting.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finding Shapes




Unfortunately the last photo is not the best. I took it outside with a longer lens. The first two were taken inside by a window with a shorter lens and they show the texture better. I really like the thick texture of the paint surface, I am using lots of modeling paste.
I enjoyed working from a sketch, it was much better working from a loose fun sketch than a photograph. I felt free to change things and I was surprised when I revisited the place how different it was in real life. My memory had taken on a life of its own and become more real to me. But no longer represented reality.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Spring has sprung

I am playing and having fun. I can't decide if the painting is any good or not but when all of the Spring shrubs and trees start blooming I must react. We have lived here seven years and it still surprises me when we start having Winter and Spring at the same time.
I have decided to limit my internet and email time more. I think looking at so much great art everyday is making me want to tackle too much all at once. I want to do abstracts, collage, mixed media, serious, decorative, fun and dramatic work. I think I just need to stay with one thing for a little while before moving on. I am doing some sketches of the environment around me and thinking of shape and pattern. Doing shapes and patterns makes the sketches lots of fun. Where as trying to capture realistic light and shadow and correct size relationships seems like drudgery.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not Abandonment Yet

Having a photo reference around just doesn't work for me, I get too tied to it and can't play or invent in the studio. My plan is to start several pieces at one time and add some collage elements. I am determined to play again, the dialogue with the work seems only to be open if I play.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have given over fully to the controlled, detailed side and have seen the light. Abandonment shows confidence. Power lies in being able to loose it all at any moment and go for it. Not being put off when one doesn't succeed but have total faith in the next.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now Showing

Paintings now showing at the Vam York Community Theater during the
run of the play, Blithe Spirit. Opening Night, January 25th through February 10th.
I am going to go hang out during the play on the 25th, hope to see you there.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Self Portrait

I can't believe I just did this painting. It seems I am working farther away from what I want to do with each study. I don't want to do portraits from photo references.
I don't think people that came into the gallery this weekend liked my new still life either. I think one of the problems is that it is an acrylic and I used the paint straight from the bottle. We have a lot of gorgeous oils in the gallery and this plastic paint just doesn't cut it unless I really watch the way I use it.

I can't believe that I keep forgetting all the lessons that I have learned and revert back to my old bad habits each time I try something new. So I wrote myself a list of do's and don'ts to hang on my easel.
Make outlines and fill in.
Make solid shapes and then break them apart, all space, no form.
Use acrylic paint straight from the tube of bottle.
Paint from a photo or become too tight too soon.
Use a sketch as a map not a template.
Paint a feeling or an idea.
Have Fun, paint it, fun in the process.
Use heavy modeling media or lots of fluid media, wet into wet or thick and sculpt it.
Let forms emerge, create shapes as I paint, wet drip, thick swash, scratch in a line, all through out the process.
Like life drawing: wouldn't fill in the outline of a figure then shade it in, emerges from light, heavy, thick and thin marks. Casual.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to the Still Life

I finally got to get back to my painting since the holidays are over and my sons are back to school. I feel like I have been holding my breath for a month and was nearly drowning by yesterday but now I can exhale. I am still excited about pattern, line and shape. I wanted this last still life to look like the objects were lost in a sea of pattern. I am anxious to try a human figure immersed in natural pattern this way. I have worked with this idea before but this will be a new approach. My graduate advisor was always saying that to the modernists the surrounding space was as important as the subject. For some reason, I interpreted that in my work as the space going through the subject and breaking it apart. But now when I look at some of Picasso's work around the time of The Girl in the Mirror, I finally get what she meant. Picasso outlines each section of negative space just as he does the subject shapes. They are all just as brightly colored and patterned. This makes for beautiful full compositions too. This painting is more Klimt inspired than Picasso. I will focus more on the negative spaces in the next painting.