Saturday, November 22, 2014

Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Pumpkins

I am having so much fun with Vincent Van Gogh and the fourth grade students. The students seem to really enjoy creating in his style.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans Day Concert Art

From September through December, I am being a long term substitute teacher to approximately 440 third through fifth graders. I love coming up with projects and delighting in their creations. I have benefited so much from other teachers' projects that I have discovered on the internet. To give back, I wanted to share one of mine. I gave each student of a third grade class, a six inch square either white, blue or red. This assembly is large 6' x 9' once I glued the squares down on bulletin board paper. Most classes I gave a template of a head to trace onto construction paper to make into an American they are proud of. A lot of the students talked about family members that serve in the military. I also gave them some star templates to trace. Two classes I tried asking them to make an object that causes them to be proud of the U.S.A. My paper sample was ice cream because it reminded me of Fourth of July. So you see a lot of ice creams but I think it makes it look celebratory. Happy Veteran's Day!