Friday, May 16, 2008

Showing with Glass

We decided to bring in the glass work of Sarah Hinds and Sky Campbell to show with my paintings for the June show. It is fascinating the similarities between these two pieces.I think because I start with the canvas very wet and fluid is the reason for the similarities to the glass work. I feel their work is in a class above mine but I think it is going to be a beautiful show. I am honored to be in this show.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Abstract Work

I can't believe I didn't add to my blog the entire month of April. But miraculously, I was able to get some new work done. The key was starting them all at the same time. Whenever I do that, I seem to get more done and they turn out well. I started all of these from some quick sketches I did in March while floating along the river. I was fascinated by the trees growing right on the water's edge. At home I worked on the sketches by giving them more distinct shapes and lines. I got more and more comfortable laying down strokes. I want to continue the work I started here of layering the background shapes and foreground shapes in a back and forth manner.