Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is the first of the tree paintings that I described on Monday.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Since this is my first posting it might be a little longer than subsequent ones but I will plunge into what is going on now and you can see my history on my web site

I am interested in several new directions my art is taking me simultaneously. I have been struggling with making good compostions when I am painting in an improvistional manner. To remedy this, I felt I needed the painting to start with some type of defined boundary or structure. With Fish'N Fish
I happened on making many fish within the image of a larger fish. Now I am doing a larger piece that is a butterfly and being more daring by making the markings of the butterfly form images from a free stream of consciousness (or subconscious, I'm not sure). There are lots of faces appearing in this painting. It is what I call dream painting when the images emerge from wet paint. This is also the first painting that I have done on Masonite and it is allowing me to create more textures such as with gesso. I enjoy allowing the thin liquid paint to puddle on the board and then pulling thick paint over the textures.
Following the same idea of beginning a painting with one dominant image, I have also begun some "tree spirit" paintings. I had a dream of forming the space around a tree into imagery such as birds and horses. But when I went down the street to sketch one of our beautiful Live Oak trees I was blown away by all of the imagery that I saw within the tree. It was as if a lady was standing in the middle and there were two faces guarding her on each side. It made me want to write about her which I have never done any creative writing. I was thinking about how long she has been standing there with no one noticing.
The colors are nice on the first tree painting but I believe I need to zoom in closer on the tree to make the overall painting's composition better.