Monday, August 31, 2009

New MT's Chop House

I just installed nine paintings at a restaurant with a new location. I was proud of myself for wielding the measuring tape and cordless drill. I literally had to run around due to limited time and needing to pick up my sons from their schools. I think that helped though: just do and don't think. The paintings look nice in this new location. Wishing them good luck on their opening.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thin Washes

Warm Wind

Peter Doig, Peter Doig, Peter Doig. I want to be like the contemporary artist Peter Doig. I saw a youtube video of his latest exhibition and the narrator was talking about the thin washes that he used. So I tried these latest palms in thin washes of acrylic. I was surprised that I could paint vertical on the easel with the paint this thin. I liked the process of really moving the brush in this painting. Although it is nothing like Peter Doig.

I have a habit of breaking my subjects into many different colored shapes. I want to try breaking the composition into color blocks and allowing whatever is in that area to stay basically that color. I have observed this method in Odilon Redon's color work. An artist that I love from art's past.

Approaching Storm

One thing that I do like that is happening in my paintings is the staking of layers of shapes. Like is happening on the right side of "Approaching Storm".

I just read a new novel by Samantha Peale entitled "The American Painter Emma Dial". It was a fun book to read and strengthened my desire to be a serious painter. I had already decided to do paintings that I wanted to do and not worry so much about what might sell. I am thinking about getting a job in a print shop part time once my son goes to school. I think it will be more freeing to my art to have a job for income rather than try to rely on it for income.