Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Third of the Way

I am a third of the way through the mural and doubts arise. I am reminded of an article I read in the Smithsonian about a project and the director said if everyone is happy you aren't doing something right. You are not pushing it enough. Most have been complimentary of the mural but there are a wide variety of artisans and tradesman working on the building and many have their opinions. The painting is not everyone's cup of tea, some that are making strange comments I suspect really think realism is the best way to go in art. But the owners use words like "love" and "spectacular" so I am satisfied. I am also reminded of reading that Cy Twombly's work arises the most intense reactions of love and hate. I love it but don't have the courage to paint like that, not yet anyway. I actually think that I wouldn't mind painting realistically on a large mural because from my brushes' and eyes' perspective it is abstractly just blending colors. I heard Chuck Close say something similar in a documentary and it made me appreciate him as an artist even more. He said he was engaged and enjoying painting the little abstract paintings in the squares then it came together as a large realistic portrait for his viewers. If I was to paint this again, I may do it all differently but I had a bold bright vision and I went for it. All you can do is your best at any point in time and keep looking forward. Should you ever regret going for it? Do actors or singers worry they were too bold?