Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New shape paintings

I feel like I ended up at the wrong destination on the painting journey with these new works. I feel like I am illustrating instead of painting which would be a great predictable style if I got hired to do a children's book or similar work. But I would like my personal painting to be more unpredictable and process oriented. I wonder if you take an idea too far that you start turning in a circle? Or if you don't know how to proceed you choose a familiar path which would be a circle because it is a place that you have been before.

My son was asking a lot of questions about the blue dog: Is he lost? Is he lonely? or does he live in the wild? I hope he thinks he is lost but not really far from the right track.

Bright Warhol

As always the preschool artists surprise and delight me with their creations. I showed the children some of Andy Warhol's work and we read a great book for children written by Andy Warhol's nephew, James Warhola. I used the school's affiliate church's pastors as our "celebrity" faces. Fun results.