Thursday, March 19, 2009


What a contrast to last week, I am so happy with my new painting. When I got to this point, I used to think, "I have arrived everything will be easy now". But it is not like that. Art is ephemeral and hard to grasp. It could crash in failure at any time but for now I have success and I will enjoy the moment.

Check out this website. This makes me excited and inspired on many levels. I didn't have anything to do with this design:

But I am helping with the graphics for our new web site at the gallery:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Roses, Roses, Roses are bad

I want to post this to remind myself not to do this again. When I start without a compositional sketch and no clear idea I usually get this. I become too descriptive because I have vague shapes and I want to develop them into something clear. I want to be suggestive with art that is how you get to something meaningful and universal. I really need to have more than one painting going at one time. That helps me not to overwork the paintings and dwell on the failed ones.

On a positive note, the weather and spring flowers outside are beautiful. I think I will go take a walk and try to wash my brain from this.

I did successfully design a poster for Open Air Arts this week. It features one of Gary Borse's paintings which is gorgeous. I can't wait for Open Air Arts it so much fun to see what all of the different artists will produce.

Friday, March 06, 2009


My new painting Out of the Swamp makes me feel content.
It seems for me there is two types of art that I can do. One is an abstract portrayal of nature that I like to do because I love to play with the colors and shapes. This work doesn't have a deep meaning, but it is really interesting visually. This work has brought me more recognition from the "art critics" such as getting into juried shows.
The other work has a subject matter that is largely developed from my imagination during the creative process. This work is fun because the unexpected happens. Many people that visit art fairs seem to really connect with this art. It is not for everyone, some only like realism. But the people that do like it are passionate about it and bring their own interpretations to it. But this work is somehow not serious enough for the art critics to accept and reward.
I am really happy to do either kind of art work. I did feel I needed to concentrate on abstract shapes and colors for a while to learn to craft a better painting. Now I am going to try to marry the two approaches and see what happens. Do other artists continually need to make these conscious choices? Or does their artwork progress and change on its own? It seems I am always getting stuck in these situations where I need to choose which way to go.

Out of the Swamp

Thanks Tim Malles for taking this photo of me painting at the Tioga art fair this past weekend. These cows weren't created from my imagination but derived from my sketches and photos.