Friday, June 26, 2009

Going with the Flow

I am reminded of my flower bed in the backyard. I started flowers from seed in the Spring in hopes of seeing bursts of color from our windows. I used some soil from our compost pile to strengthen our sandy soil. What I have now is oodles of little tomato plants all around the house that came from the compost and one little sunflower blossom that I can see from the window. Maybe in the Fall when the weather cools the tomato blossoms will set and I can make colorful salsas and sauces. Who knows? I will have to go with the flow and see.
My goal for the Summer is to paint some Florida water inspired paintings for a show I am having in September and October. The water inspiration will go with the glass vessels Sarah Hinds is anticipating for the show. Right now I am on the move with my two young sons who are free from school. We had an active vacation at a Florida Beach where I did some sketches and now we are off to camp on some family land in Pennsylvania. Not an ideal situation for painting Florida water but I am interested in what will result from the "quiet" of the woods. Although I am thankful for all of the fun we have had so far this Summer, I'm eager for some intense painting time. Who knows what exactly will result, I will have to go with the flow and see.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Flying Boy

This painting is not quite what I had in mind for my next work but it was fun to do. There is some drawing and photography research I want to do as preparation for my next painting but I haven't had time yet. It's next on my list.