Friday, April 24, 2009

Dots and Dashes

I don't know how I started painting like this, it wasn't a conscience effort. I do think these paintings will show well with the glass work in the Fall. Then I will have a show at the Thomas Center with glass blowers, Sarah Hinds and Sky Campbell.

I am finding sketching more and more valuable, which I think is a positive leap for
me. I don't consider photos of much value in my process. I am thinking to myself "I wish I had a sketch book right now" rather than a camera.

In subject matter, I want to get back to creating a fantasy world, an utopia. I am thinking I will try not starting my process in such a wet fluid state for the next couple of paintings and see if I can get to some more defined bold strokes and layering. I am constantly amazed about how the beginning of a painting process dictates the final product. I expect it to change drastically but it ends up returning to where it started.

Misty Cedar

Water Hyacinths II

Water Hyacinths I

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