Friday, March 23, 2007

More Colors

After being around the plein air painters this week, I am hungry for delicious sophisticated colors. Nature is the best teacher. Mixing my own colors is something I love to do but it is hard in liquid acrylics because they dry so fast. Also working with the little bottles of Golden Liquid acrylics that the local art supply sells makes working on larger pieces even harder. You really need one of every color like with pastels so you can just grab them at whim. I find I mostly mix with white which is probably a bad habit.
Anyway all of the hot yellow in the " Looking for Home" painting started to bother me so I painted some of it out. But I don't think I am changing it much because I am not willing to loose it and bring it back right now. I think I will have to improve on the next painting. I used some of these thoughts on my next plein air painting. I thought if I use a strong red then I also need just as strong of another color, like blue. I also mixed more colors for it and it was small, so this was easier to do. I will have to take a picture of it at the plein air auction tonight.

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Heidi Malott said...

Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the kind words. To answer your question; yes, most times I will take a pile and put it in the corner of my palette for some great grays for the next time. I really like your work! Your color palette is very harmonious and alive. What a great creative process. I will enjoy watching your work! ~Heidi