Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Digital Art

We are in the process of moving and getting settled will probably take all summer. If we get the house that we are intending, the long term plan is to build my studio in the loft of the barn on the property. It will be paradise one day. But to work towards the goal, I am looking for a graphic design job. My baby is going to kindergarten next year, so it is a good time. I love the school we believe he will be going to, it is centered around the arts. He will love it and if I was homeschooling, it is just how I would want to teach. There is also an engineering club perfect for my older son.

So while the "studio" is in boxes, it is a good time to do some digital art. I am influenced by Jose Merello's work in this first digital painting. For my graduate thesis, I compared the process of painting to the process of working digitally, so in my mind I am writing my thesis all over again. For my next chapter, I would compare how using a nearly monochromatic photograph as a layer in Photoshop is similar to acrylic glazing for it's unifying effects. Blah, blah, blah ; )


Jim Carpenter said...

Sounds like an exciting time.

I am wondering how you did what you did with that painting on the left. Did that start out as the photo on the right?

Carol Barber said...

Thanks Jim. The work on the left I started in Adobe Illustrator by using the digital brushes in that program. I was looking at a pencil sketch I did for reference. Then I brought the Illustrator file into Adobe Photoshop and put the photo in as a layer, a couple of layers actually, using different mixing modes and erasing layers in certain areas.