Friday, May 13, 2011

Cups in the Cupboard

One of my goals in painting has always been to achieve a messy, loose style of painting. This is a conscience counter to the tight illustrative work I did for textbooks. I think I am getting some messy meshing of the paint here by applying the colors mostly all in one sitting and letting them blend into each other. This is a way of painting that comes pretty naturally for oil painters but takes some foresight with fast drying acrylics.
I do miss the transparent layering I was doing in the large "water reflection" paintings. I am not sure how to achieve this in painting solid masses. I can easily see the layering in reflected water: there is below the water surface, the water surface and then the reflections floating on top but not quite sure how to translate that to an apple. Maybe think of the back and insides of the apple?

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