Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Van Gogh

We are exploring Van Gogh's work in my preschool art class. Has their ever been an artist so universally loved by all levels of artists? From novice to professional everyone loves Van Gogh. I read a biography of Van Gogh and he had several causes for his mental illness. He seemed to experience emotions so intensely and that energy comes across in his paintings. He experienced very little acknowledgement, only selling one painting in his short lifetime but he had the unfailing support of his brother to sustain his painting. He wanted so badly to connect with people: first trying to be a pastor, then with women that didn't love him and fellow artist Gauguin. Now he connects with people through his art, wish he could have known that when he was living.
In class, I just told the children that Van Gogh had sunny days and rainy "sad" days. When making the flowers we talked about texture, opaque, transparent and recycling.

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Ande said...

Wonderful! I love to see the delightful work you do with your students.