Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reflections of Red

Another attempt at water reflections from a sketch in town after the rains last week. It doesn't have the quick wet brush strokes of the last two paintings. Those strokes went well with the water subject. Quick wet strokes are pretty tough to pull off in acrylics because the media is fast drying. I have to be sure of the plan and I changed my plan on this painting a couple of times before I got an interesting surface and composition. I did enjoy the layering and acrylic is great for that. I also used a bigger canvas than usual which makes working wet harder. I don't know why I have this eternal optimism that the next painting is going to be great, so much so that I go out and buy a big canvas. Otherwise I wouldn't keep trying I guess. I wonder if I should use this painting as a study to make a more abstract version?

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