Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Open Air Arts Judging

This is the work that I have produced since last Wednesday for the Open Air Arts event in Melrose, FL. I have to choose just one of these for the judging and pick one category: either painting or mixed media. I am really happy with my experience. Having to produce so much so quickly made me experiment with my materials and use new methods of painting. Things that I want to explore further. It was like going to a workshop; really beneficial. I met some interesting people too. The closing gala will be so much fun to see all the work that they created. I feel it was all worth while. The only reason I want to win an award is to cover the supplies that I bought. It is really hard to choose just one. What do you think?

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Carol Barber said...

I won second place in the Creative Spirit category for "Homemaker's Club". Yeah!