Friday, March 26, 2010

Fatal Flaw?

I tried painting on silk yesterday and I am happy with the way that they look. But I think they are too stiff to wear. They feel more like Gortex than silk. I am going to try soaking them in Fabric Softner, maybe dry clean? to get them soft. I am using acrylic paints and an acrylic fabric medium. I don't want to go the using dyes and a steamer route that makes for soft silk painting. I want to use the acrylics that I am familiar with. Maybe I should try painting on another material? I do enjoy them hanging from the light fixture in the sunlight though. Any ideas?


Karen said...

I do know that when you press other fabrics painted with acryllics it softens the fabric. Cover the silk with another fabric before trying to press. You could try it, anyway.

Ande said...

Maybe they are ethereal room dividers rather than garments? They are really lovely either way

Carol Barber said...

While they are warm from the iron or wet, they are soft but once they dry then stiff. I had a lot of other ideas to paint so I may try some thin cotton scarves I can order.