Friday, March 13, 2009

Roses, Roses, Roses are bad

I want to post this to remind myself not to do this again. When I start without a compositional sketch and no clear idea I usually get this. I become too descriptive because I have vague shapes and I want to develop them into something clear. I want to be suggestive with art that is how you get to something meaningful and universal. I really need to have more than one painting going at one time. That helps me not to overwork the paintings and dwell on the failed ones.

On a positive note, the weather and spring flowers outside are beautiful. I think I will go take a walk and try to wash my brain from this.

I did successfully design a poster for Open Air Arts this week. It features one of Gary Borse's paintings which is gorgeous. I can't wait for Open Air Arts it so much fun to see what all of the different artists will produce.

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