Thursday, March 19, 2009


What a contrast to last week, I am so happy with my new painting. When I got to this point, I used to think, "I have arrived everything will be easy now". But it is not like that. Art is ephemeral and hard to grasp. It could crash in failure at any time but for now I have success and I will enjoy the moment.

Check out this website. This makes me excited and inspired on many levels. I didn't have anything to do with this design:

But I am helping with the graphics for our new web site at the gallery:


crusader11 said...

Very nice!!!!!hallo from Czech rep.

Ande said...

I do so agree, "happy" painting moments are precious. This is a lovely painting. The smaller, lighter shapes just pop to the surface. The energy of your mark-making combined with your palette choice instills the composition with a lively yet peaceful quality. Happy, indeed!

Carol Barber said...

And comments too! Making my day even better.