Monday, January 12, 2009

Design Class

I am teaching a design class using illustration methods of illustration as an adjunct at Santa Fe College. The first project uses cut paper and color to illustrate an emotion. I got this project from professor Rhonda Peyton and the idea to use a mundane object as the subject matter from Matthew Kelly from Central College. I enjoyed doing this project myself over the weekend as a class example and found using verbal lists to formulate ideas satisfying. The text for the class suggests using verbal lists and I want to try this with my paintings which is why I am posting it here.
I decided to use "haughty" and a chair. I looked up "haughty" in a dictionary and thesaurus. From that I determined I wanted to use shiny papers, "lordly" gold and eventually decided I wanted icy blue for the "cold shoulder" feeling. At first I was going to use black for the background to show sophistication but then I thought that it was too much black and not conveying the mood that I was after. I decided to use the icy blue that I thought about when doing the verbal map. After choosing the background color, I went on the computer and happened to see this image in a newspaper review of a show at the Harn. I was thrilled that my choice of background color was confirmed in this portrayal of the King of Hip-Hop. The artist was after the same "lordly" feeling and come up with the same background.
Kehinde Wiley's "Simon George I" is on display at the Harn Museum of Art.

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In the painting the figure holds a tulip flower. In Wikipedia there is an article about the tulip flower as a coveted luxury item and "status symbol" in the