Friday, March 07, 2008

Custom Frame

A buyer wanted this painting but the painting was not quite big enough and the small presentation frame was not visually heavy enough to place above her dark wood mantel. My husband custom made this wider canvas floater frame out of wood. I painted it to reflect some of the patterns in the painting. I think it turned out great. The painting looks so much more substantial now. I would now like to frame more paintings in the future but I can see it being a big expense and time waster, especially if buyers don't want the frame.


michelle said...

I love your work, I also just wanted to write and say the frame is a fantastic addition to the painting. It pulls it all together and looks fantastic.

Its difficult to know when to put all the time and expense into framing, not knowing what customers will want but is surely does something for the art when its presented like that.

Carol Barber said...

Thanks for writing. The painting was one of my favorites and it really did look better framed. It opens a whole new can of worms especially since I am not that good of a carpenter myself. I also talked to a guy who salvages wood from old houses that has lots of layers of paint on it. That sounds interesting for frames too.
I see in magazines that canvases with no frames seem to be popular. But I don't use the expensive thicker canvases. I use thin ones or wood.