Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Matting and framing

I haven't presented works on papers in quite awhile. I am excited how they look matted, really brings them out. However I have encountered a couple of frustrations when ordering products. One is most frames do not come with wire hanging hardware which is required when hanging in a gallery. The frames I usually order for my paintings from come with all the needed hanging hardware. Didn't realize what a plus that was. I did think to order some custom mats in a slightly off white because I knew I would not like the bright whites that come with the frames. To me, off white looks better with watercolor paper. But I always forget you have to order backing boards extra. Most of the time when you order a mat you really also need an acid free backing board to go with it. So if you are rushing to get ready for a show, don't forget your wire hanging hardware and backing boards. I will be going out to get mine tomorrow.

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Carol Barber said...

Oh, I see why backing boards are not included with mats and frames any more, mat board prices are crazy high. Must remember to get them for wholesale prices on the internet.