Thursday, February 12, 2015

In the Studio

So at the end of the Summer we got the studio renovated but I did not get much chance to use it until now. I imagined that I would have stations set up for drawing, collage and painting so that ideas would develop from the process and one idea would lead to another. My dreams have come true because that is what is happening. I am discarding about half of what I am making and I am itching to work on canvas again but new ideas are developing. These are all works on paper, I feel working on paper is faster and I want to keep things progressing quickly. I wonder how I would add painting on canvas into the mix? Sometimes when I get involved in a large painting I just work on that exclusively. I believe that I would need to just add it in and have several canvases ready to go. The studio seems to be like juggling and adding canvas would be like throwing another ball into the air. I am also using one drawing as a basis for all of the work but each one is still coming out differently.

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