Sunday, September 18, 2011

Five New Paintings

I was able to complete five new paintings this past week. The way I did it was to work on four of them at one time. I like that process and really feel like creativity can fly. I was flipping back and forth through my sketch book and not even really "seeing" what I was painting sometimes. That is the way I sketch, I hardly look down at the paper. I used Liquitex brand light modeling paste instead of Golden brand and I thought it behaved differently. Golden's paste stays grainy in texture even after mixing it with water. What I got with Liquitex reminds me of gouache paint. I like the soft matte look on canvas but prefer Golden's thickness. The one painting with the blue road and fluffy clouds was done by itself and I used Golden's regular modeling paste full strength. It has a shiny finish rather than matte. I would really like to hear your opinions about the paintings and which one you like best. I am missing the Fall art festivals and that is the best place to get feed back. I left some of the backgrounds from taking the pictures. I thought it was interesting how much they matched my new surroundings. Also the paintings are from sketches I did on Grave's Mill Road in Madison County. It is such a pretty road, like visiting another country or going back in time. A very special place.


Jim Carpenter said...

Hi Carol,
I like all 5 paintings and so it's difficult for me to pick one I like best... sort of like when someone asks me what my favorite color is. But right now I think that the third painting would be my favorite. It's so dramatic and bold and I like the abstract quality of it. I also love the very last painting which I find very strong and direct - that white house with it's colorful roof - Sweet!

Carol Barber said...

Thank you Jim! I want to go more abstract but I need encouragement.