Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thin Washes

Warm Wind

Peter Doig, Peter Doig, Peter Doig. I want to be like the contemporary artist Peter Doig. I saw a youtube video of his latest exhibition and the narrator was talking about the thin washes that he used. So I tried these latest palms in thin washes of acrylic. I was surprised that I could paint vertical on the easel with the paint this thin. I liked the process of really moving the brush in this painting. Although it is nothing like Peter Doig.

I have a habit of breaking my subjects into many different colored shapes. I want to try breaking the composition into color blocks and allowing whatever is in that area to stay basically that color. I have observed this method in Odilon Redon's color work. An artist that I love from art's past.

Approaching Storm

One thing that I do like that is happening in my paintings is the staking of layers of shapes. Like is happening on the right side of "Approaching Storm".

I just read a new novel by Samantha Peale entitled "The American Painter Emma Dial". It was a fun book to read and strengthened my desire to be a serious painter. I had already decided to do paintings that I wanted to do and not worry so much about what might sell. I am thinking about getting a job in a print shop part time once my son goes to school. I think it will be more freeing to my art to have a job for income rather than try to rely on it for income.

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