Friday, February 08, 2008

Spring has sprung

I am playing and having fun. I can't decide if the painting is any good or not but when all of the Spring shrubs and trees start blooming I must react. We have lived here seven years and it still surprises me when we start having Winter and Spring at the same time.
I have decided to limit my internet and email time more. I think looking at so much great art everyday is making me want to tackle too much all at once. I want to do abstracts, collage, mixed media, serious, decorative, fun and dramatic work. I think I just need to stay with one thing for a little while before moving on. I am doing some sketches of the environment around me and thinking of shape and pattern. Doing shapes and patterns makes the sketches lots of fun. Where as trying to capture realistic light and shadow and correct size relationships seems like drudgery.

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