Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Light Weight Modeling Paste

Two Horses
I have been painting. In fact about three or four paintings on this one board. But I am not happy with it. The shapes and lines are not that exciting and the surface is so flat. It seems I am making a mess for mess's sake, trying to save it, but there needs to be more purpose.

Still Life
After the horses, I did this still life. I am very pleased with the surface. I coated a canvas board with Golden Light Modeling Paste and dropped paint into it and then took a pencil and scratched lines into the wet paste to draw the still life and textures. I did not intend to do a still life, in fact I sketched a plan for four abstracts in my notebook before beginning. But I didn't like the abstract and I wanted to use the paste before it dried so I did a quick still life. It was fun and I think the painting has a good presence and I like the colors. I wish the forms were more exciting or imaginative but I think it was worth while.


Rodney Mackay said...

I very much like your work!

In the old days, Golden Paints (under some other name; Boncour perhaps?) were all that were available. Had I not lived on the border with the US I would not have found them. I lived there because my mum was Canadian and my dad an American. In that time that made me a dual citizen. Abot 3/4 of my relatives are now living in the U.S.

Carol Barber said...

I love Golden because of all of the mediums. I like to use acrylics very thinned out like watercolor and glazes or very thick with modeling paste or gels. Do you use mediums or acrylics straight from a tube or bottle?

Rodney Mackay said...

For a very long time I thinned with nothing but water. I have used modeling post and now I thin with acrylic medium. I used to like the texture imparted bby modelling post, and your comment reminds me to take it up again!