Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Carol Barber, New Acrylic Painting, Mediums

This painting went through an interesting transformation from which to learn. I think I like the face less because it got tighter but I like the flower area so much more. I like the expressive strokes. I was trying to use mediums to thin the acrylics instead of too much water to get quick layering of bigger areas of color. It has more of the depth I am looking for. Adding more blue also helped set off all of the warm colors.


Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Hi Carol,
I followed you over from your question Alyson's blog.
Re: Google.
I would sugest that the blog is at early stages. Go to Google and register it but before you do try filling in your profile.
Add Alt tags to images (see my article if you need help)

Your paintings are lovely by the way
Good Luck
Kayleen West

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Hi Carol
Yes it wouldn't hurt. Wait until after your updates and re-register.

Thanks for the comment on my modern gallery at

That is more me now and a glimpse of the direction I am heading right now.
It is authentic and I want to pursue it further