Friday, January 05, 2007

Stolen Acrylic Painting Carol Barber Art

Help, what do I do or can I do? My painting was stolen from a group show in a public space. I'm sure I signed a waiver form releasing the establishment from any obligation to loss or damages. The fact that it is gone is not really a shock to me. I have sold great paintings for $200.00, a virtual steal. But in those cases, I knew that the purchaser really loved it and would take care of it. The best case scenario is someone loved it so much they had to have it. My worst case scenario is that someone stole it in hopes of making money from it and when that doesn't work, they destroy it. "Madonna of the Roses", it was one of those special paintings that flowed from the process of wet paint, water and intuition. I can't duplicate it and I was even using it on my business card. Should I put an ad in the paper for it? Call the police? Or just hope that it turns up in a yard sale one day, priced at two dollars but worth thousands.
Thanks for any advice.

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