Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm really happy with my new painting but it was total anguish to get it started in the right direction. I hope that I have learned about working and will be able to fall into a painting groove for a while and get some consistent pieces. I've learned that it has to start wet and loose. I have to push the painting until it pulls me. Tells me what it wants to be but still hold a grand intention in the back of my mind of what it should be. I started the painting to be about my back yard but then it looked like leaves and flowers. It was decorative without any solid forms. I was scared to let it develope into anything and I was playing it safe with my intentions.
But what I really want to paint are intangibles. Things hard to explain or understand, like the human spirit and soul, time, love, the boundries of the universe, the connections to the past through our ancestors, the capacities of the brain and thoughts. I am not interested in expressing my personal experience but the essence of all our experiences. I love drawing the human figure from life and have been thinking about it emersed in nature. I love abstract compostions that express thoughts and emotions. I like them to fill the space with interesting shapes not be like a landscape . My kindergarten son is drawing lots of abstract compositions, just drawing shapes and filling them with color. They are beautiful, I think I might post one tomorrow.

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